The swirling, tapdancing and backflipping deodorant stick musical that is the mind known as Kinchy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

You talkin' ta me?

Hey there great big world :) There's been a lot happening lately! I case you didn't know, blondie and I finally made the move to NYC(back in October)! We're all settled in and working. Dig on some of the photos of what we've been up 2! There's some touristy style fun AND something classy :) OH...and the blog...she's gonna be moving soon too! She told me that she's ready for something new, and like my friend Hannibal Lecter says, "It's always important to try new things". WERD!

So neither of us had ever been to a REAL, SUNG IN ITALIAN OPERA before and with the Metropolitan Opera House in our city, how could we resist :) You can't see it too well, but there is a cool fountain behind the two smokin' hotties in the foreground. We saw "Macbeth". I was disappointed that the female lead decided not to wear the obligatory viking horns for her performance. Out front where the limos drop people off...
The chandelier that Andi insists we simply MUST fit into our apartment :)
Sweet stairs...
Intermission in our AWESOME seats on the orchestra floor :)
Sweet subway sign near city hall...
The most bitchen'est looking bridge in the world!
My classy lady in the financial district :)
Oh, you know you can't take me anywhere in public!
Hey, this one was her idea...REALLY!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kinchy vs. The Volcano

Hey world, how are ya? It's been a while! How's the family??? Aw me, not much new...'cept I'm shootin' for MTV and spending some time in the Pacific NorthWest :) So, I had a day off and decided to see what all those signs telling me how to evacuate were really talking about. Seems that, THERE IS A VOLCANO out here, maybe you've heard of it, her name is Helen. AND in the year that I was born, she caused quite a stink out here and BLEW MASSIVE VOLCANO CHUNKS allllll over the NorthWest! Strap in and come with me on a Sunday drive as we venture up to see Helen and chuck a virgin over the edge.There she is hanging outside my window waiting to pick me up at SeaTacTo get to Helen's house, you have to pass through the town of Cougar, it's next to Milf on the map
Remember to eat well when you're climbing a mountain. Lemme see...Sugar-free RedBull...CHECK...2 truckstop corndogs...CHECK...good to go!Sooooo I dunno if it means that I have rocks in my head or that I just rock...hmmmmmm...either way it was nice of Helen to put up a sign for me.
Volcano Burgers??? Sounds like a night on the couch for me.
Helen honey, you need a new picture, you're looking...not your best.
THERE SHE IS! It was really stormy and cloudy the day that I visited and Helen had her head in the clouds.
Let the finger guide you...Helen's head is up that way.WOMAN! You come out here and be social!OHHHH was a fun day trip. Maybe next time, visiting Helen won't be such a geographic snipe hunt. Here are some other kewl pics I took on the way back down. I kept singing Jane's Addiction's "COMIN' DOWN THE MOUNTAIN" the WHOLE DAY.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sir, your Beckham is bent...

You can't deny the arrival and impact of soccer in America ANYMORE! It's a few weeks old, but I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend the NY Red Bulls\LA Galaxy MLS match at the Meadowlands in NJ. AND...if you're gonna catch a match, you might as well do it right and spend your day with the rowdiest, fun lovin'est, Beckham hatin'est, brat cookin'est, beer drinkin'est supporters club there is; The Empire Supporters Club. I don't know of any other team, not even the Browns, that gets the kind of support the Red Bulls do. I mean, do Browns fans bring a whole percussion section to the game??? Forget abo'it! Dig on the I mean...Soooooooy del Metro!Aaron and Kinchy marching into the stadium.
Kinchy-"...hey Aaron, I don't get a brother out..."
Aaron-"Just boooo when Beckham gets the ball..."Yep, they even have a gynormous flag.The guy in the blue on the right side in the corner is "THAT GUY" from across the pond. Love him or hate him, he put an extra 45 THOUSAND butts in the seats at the Meadowlands.In the end, the good guys won 5 to 4 and everyone had a good time. If you get a chance, try to take in a match in person. It'll give you a REAL appreciation for what soccer is really like. It was a lot more exciting than I ever thought it was gonna be :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I know ya'll neeeedz yer Kinchy's on the a major way...hang in there. In the meantime, guess what kind of a show I just crewed for by looking at this picture :)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Peanuts??? CrackerJacks??? Whatever...BRING ON THE BRATS!!!

Sooooooo...I finally got to go to a Tigers game at the new stadium. AWESOME!!! A special thanks to TINA for donating her right arm and a kidney to Guardian for the seats :)
DIG :)LtoR: Deano, Coop and StanStan and I showed a few Brats who was in charge for the day...maybe 6 :)Great view from our seats off the right field line.Now, try and ignore the 1st base coach in the way and check out the pitcher...Daisuke Matsuzaka. He's the famous pitcher who can throw the gyro ball. I like my gyros with ranch dressing :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sizzle Like Bacon...My Intro to Interpretive Dance

Ann Arbor is known for it's eccentrics...hell, that's why we're allowed to live here :)Every summer Andi and I like to hit up all the festivals that we can in the area, and last night was our first trip to this year's "Top of the Park". "The TOP" those of us who invent things call it, showcases great local music, food and NOW...interpretively dancing acrobats!!! The group is called "STRANGE FRUIT" and man are they interpretive :) Dig the pix!interesting.....
So these guys and gals are balanced on a flexible pole about 13 feet off the ground. They perform a gymnastic\mime routine that chronicles love and loss.
Hey, if it makes the blonde happy I'd interpretively dance too :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Summertime and the livin'z ez

Dogs, leaping, pools, fair fries...does it get any better??? I think NOT!
Blondie and I took in the Heritage park "Pet-a-palooza" this weekend AND THEN the "Taste of Ann Arbor" food fest.
Enjoy the Pix :)

This is the COOLEST thing that you can train a dog to do. They throw a rubber toy into the air out over a pool and the dogs run and jump and back flip to retrieve the target. It's a distance competition and some of the dogs were jumping over 19 feet from the platform!!! High flyerzBig dog, even bigger splash
Running the agility courseAt the Taste of Ann Arbor you buy tickets and visit alllllll the restaurants on Main Street to sample the fare. I ate pretty much everything in sight :) The potato patties from Shalimar and the vegi samosas were ma' favs. The swordfish skewers from Palio' were pretty good too. Blondie, braving the spicy potato patties with chick pea sauceBlondie dodging the rain on the walk home :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Swing Baby!

With the arrival of the sun here in Michigan, comes the inevitable migration of the male to the golf course. It's uncertain why the Michigander (get it???) continues this fruitless pattern year after year, but it is certain that the beasts sure do have fun :)

Coop's getting married, so we golf :) Enjoy the pix!
Team: "Who invited these guys?"
L to R: Kinchy, Doogie, Waddles and Deano
My flat butt...
"Well Rounded" gents do everything large...even miss large cart paths on large hills ..oh yes, you're working with professionals here :)
Deano returning another ball to mother nature...
In the end, we finished 1 over with a 71...REALLY! I'm not kidding! It was a great day spent with some great friends :)